Nech Sar National Park one of the most visited National Parks in Ethiopia is located between two Great Rift Valley lakes, i.e. Lake Chamo & Lake Abaya near Arba-Minch. Lying about 500 south of Addis Ababa, the park has extensive plains of game wandering unreservedly within the 514 sqm of Savannah, dry bush and groundwater forests.

Nech Sar National Park

Nech Sar National Park

It is watered by a number of small lakes and rivers. Present lakes include Abaya, Chamo, and Haro Ropi; and the principal river streams are Kulufo (originating from the western highlands of the area) and Sarmele which rises from the eastern highlands of the Amaro Mountains later joining Lake Chelbi in Debub Omo in the east. The good drainage is the reason for the massive wildlife concentration within the park and its surrounding areas.


Nech Sar National Park is renowned as a wildlife haven for over 104 species of mammals. This is attributed to the park’s dense and diverse vegetation providing perfect animal hideouts. Several animals include greater Kudu, Burchel’s Zebra, Grant’s gazelle, Swayne’s Hartebeest, Waterbuck, Guenther’s Dik-dik, Bushbuck, Vervet Monkey, Jackal, Spotted Hyena, Olive-Baboon, Leopard, Lion, Grey Duiker, Cheetah, Serval-cat, honey badger, gureza-coloubs, Greater Kudu and Wild dog

The park is also celebrated for its massive concentration of the giant Nile crocodiles, herds of hippopotamus and waterfowls in the Rift Valley Lakes of Abaya & Chamo.


Over 189 species of birds have been recorded here, for instance, the rare Red-billed Hornbill, lesser-flamingo, Kori Bustard, phalied-harrier, Grey Hornbill, Fish Eagle, endemic Nech-Sar Nightjar and the globally threatened lesser-kestrel.

Birds in Nech Sar National Park

Birds in Nech Sar National Park


Over 1000 species of vascular vegetation plant cover have been reported in the park which represents the areas rich wildlife diversity.

Other Attractions

A backdrop of high rising hills and the Guge Mountains; the Arba-Minch ground forest; the Dorze landscape and the Arba-Minch Hot springs in the east are some of the other attractions that scenically beautify Nech Sar NP to become one of the most attractive national parks in Ethiopia.

Getting There

There is a road access route to Nech Sar National Park from Arba-Minch town that covers a distance of 1.5km. Within the park, itself are other internal access roads (covering about 180km). These ease access to the different attractions sites of the park.

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