You are planning a holiday to Africa in the next few years and you have to decide where to go. Wow! not an easy choice, as Africa has so much variety to offer. You may want to revise your travel plans to include several trips to Africa.

We assume that you want to travel to Africa to experience its unique wildlife and culture, wild beauty, and variety of scenery, and to get away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. If this is the case, Africa is definitely for you.

My first choice will undoubtedly be the Okavango Delta in Botswana. This unique inland delta, with its reed-lined waterways that wind between a myriad of islands, offers peace and quiet that is seldom found elsewhere. When the rest of Southern Africa is dry and stark, the Okavango Delta flood is at its height, offering an abundance of water, the lifeblood of the wildlife that move into the area at this time.

Besides the peace and tranquility, watching the sunset over the mirror-like lagoons from your luxury lodge, gliding along the water channels in your mokoro on your game boat trip, or while on a walking safari is the stuff that memories are made of. With game drives, mokoro excursions, boating and walking safaris, fishing, and birdwatching, the Okavango Delta needs at least four days for you to sample all it has to offer. We strongly suggest that you combine your trip to the Okavango Delta with the magnificent Victoria Falls, the famous Chobe National Park with its huge herds of Buffalo and Elephant, and perhaps the Makgadikgadi Pans – the largest salt pans in the world.

Crossing the Mara River is not for the faint-hearted

The ground rumbles, the clouds of dust come ever closer, the snorting of hundreds of thousands of animals reach your ears, and you know that you are about to witness one of the wonders of the natural world. The annual Wildebeest migration of about 1.8 million individuals, accompanied by half a million Thompson’s Gazelles, and the accompanying entourage of predators and other antelope takes place in the Serengeti ecosystem between the middle of June and the beginning October.

The famous river crossings of the Grumeti and Mara Rivers conjure up scenes of giant crocodiles leaping out of the water, with wildebeest firmly held in their strong jaws. Of the two rivers, the Mara River offers up the most spectacular scenes, and is best seen in the northern Serengeti in Tanzania and the Masai Mara in Kenya. The migration is not static, so it is essential that you plan your trip carefully, so as not to miss this wonder that mother nature has dished up. After bouncing around the bush in your safari vehicle, relax on one of the beaches of the Zanzibar, Pemba, Fanjove, or Mafia islands.

Gorilla Tracking in Uganda, Bwindi

Gorilla Tracking in Uganda, Bwindi

From the hectic scramble of the wildebeest to survive another year to the gentle brown eyes of the Mountain Gorilla, a change of pace may be just what the doctor ordered. Hidden in the lush forests of Uganda and Rwanda, these gentle giants live in families in a small part of Africa that was set aside to protect them. It is an experience of a lifetime to spend an hour with a gorilla family, to watch them play, eat, and interact with each other. If you are really fortunate, they may decide that you are interesting and come closer to inspect the strange two-legged creatures that smell funny.

Relaxing after a day’s walking in the South Luangwa

Swap your safari vehicle for your own two legs on a walking safari in wild Africa. Few experiences rival a walking safari in the South Luangwa, home of the walking safari. While some safaris take you back to nature completely with dome tents and meals cooked on an open fire, there are more genteel options where you walk from lodge to lodge and enjoy the comforts of a luxury lodge each night. Whichever floats your boat, there is something for everyone. The opportunity to see nature eye-to-eye will create memories that your grandchildren should hear about.

It seems like such a travesty to have to choose from Africa’s many captivating travel options, but you have to start somewhere and then visit Africa again and again and again and …….

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