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Malawi is enticing. The warm heart of Africa beckons you with warm smiles and warm greetings of welcome, innate courtesy and a desire to be of service to the visitor.

Lake Malawi, the "Calender Lake" is so named because it is 365 miles long and 52 miles wide. It is set among rolling hills, some rising steeply from the water, and covered in tropical vegetation. A network of roads allows you to explore, at leisure, the various resorts along the lakeshore or to venture further afield into the highlands and plateaus of the Central and Northern regions. Malawi's national parks and nature reserves are home to a large variety of wildlife and offering accommodation in charming lodges or rustic rondavels. The breathtaking vistas across the lake into distant Mozambique from the escarpment road to the northernmost resort of Nyika are unforgettable. You are transported into another time, another place, another enchantment.

Interesting Facts

Generally women take over the position of the village chief.
80% of all tropical fish sold in Europe are from Lake Malawi.
Malawi is famous for their handcrafts.
The most popular social game in called Bao.