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Ethiopia is Africa's oldest independent country and the second largest in terms of population. Apart from a five-year occupation by Mussolini's Italy, it has never been colonised. Ethiopia is home to one of the world's oldest strands of Christianity, a tradition that traces its origins to the time of the Old Testament. It's unusual geography, particularly the more isolated regions such as those within the Bale Mountains National Park, mean that there are a high number of endemic species and the very real possibility of glimpsing species that only a handful of people have ever seen.

Ethiopia has the ability to wow you day after day. This is truly a world apart; there are more than two millennia worth of ancient treasures scattered around Ethiopia, from the giant obelisks and hidden tombs of the legendary Queen of Sheba, to castles that would make Camelot jealous and the breathtaking rock-carved churches of Lalibela.

Not to be outdone by human craftsmen, Mother Nature really let her creative juices flow in Ethiopia. East Africa's Rift Valley has left some of its most memorable signatures here: volcanoes bubble and boil, lakes are the colour of English tea and deep canyons and steep peaks wrinkle the land… well, just about everywhere.

Interesting Facts

Gelada monkeys are only found in the Simien Mountains
835 bird species found in Ethiopia, with an incredible 23 that are unique to the country.
The Ethiopian wolf is the rarest canid in the world, with less than 500 left in the wild.
Home to one of the world's oldest strands of Christianity.